We Throw
The Best


A packed dancefloor, Lights hitting from all angles with different colors. Music seamingly mixed with club-like precision by some of the best DJ's in Baltimore.  Energetic, enthusiastic and professional Emcee's.  Party Motivators that bring the latest and greatest line dances as well as assisting in keeping the dancefloor moving. 

Where can you find something like this?
"Your Party Experience Begins Here!"


We offer multiple options to create an experience that will be memorable for you and your guests.
Party Motivators- professional dancers with the ability to motivate everyone on the dancefloor
Club Lighting- illuminate your dancefloor with various colors and shapes
Uplighting- add ambiance to your room with beams of color
Flat Screen TV's- display your video montage and a customized theme picture.

Photo Booth- add to your party with fun pictures for your guests to take home.

Video Camera- providing a high definition stream of your dancefloor.
Not only are these options available to you, but we also have the most talented Emcee's and DJ's to provide the essential entertainment for your Simcha.